photographic drymounting

Framed photographic work, especially large scale exhibition prints are best presented when mounted to a rigid substrate. Mounting is performed on a SEAL 62 BASE cold mount roller press, the industry standard for photographic mounting. Cold pressure mounting using a water based acrylic adhesive process is the safest method for digitally printed work, ensuring maximum longevity. Works up to 1600mm can be mounted.




Dibond 2-3mm

Known as an Aluminum composite panel, Dibond is formed from two thin aluminum skins over a polyethylene core. The resulting board is perfectly smooth and dimensionally stable, the ideal substrate for large scale mounting. The smooth surface makes it an excellent choice for mounting of glossy prints.

Dibond is considered an archival substrate suitable for conservation and museum grade framing.

Available in 2mm and 3mm up to 1500 x 3000mm.



A premium foamed core board used for exhibition grade framing. The expanded foam core is lined with an extremely thin aluminum liner providing excellent resistance to warping.

Available in 5mm thickness up to 1500 x 3000mm.