Custom Framing - Timbers


We work with a number of different timbers in our frame making. The native Australian timbers are the most utilised, especially locally sourced Victorian Ash which forms our standard timber choice for both naturally finished, stained and painted frames. 

Whilst more exotic in our part of the world, the North American Hardwoods when naturally finished are especially suited to the framing of artworks, from both a durability and aesthetic point of view.

In addition to the timbers listed below, we can source and custom mill frames in house from any commercially available timber species. i.e American Ash, American Cherry, Australian Red Gum, 

As part of our commitment to the fair and sustainable use of timber, we only purchase our raw materials from recognised for responsible sourcing of timber.


Native Australian hardwoods


Vic Ash / Tasmanian oak

Australia's most commonly known variety of hardwood timber is comprised of a number of similar species of Eucalypt marketed under the Tasmanian Oak name. A visibly grained, light coloured timber, with tones ranging from pale neutrals to sublte pink tones, Tasmanian Oak is economical and widely used by contemproary furntiture making studios. As a frame making timber only the highest appearance grade is used and can be stained or finished natural in clear.

We source only PEFC certified Tasmanian Oak Products. 

Tasmanian Oak is available in a range of stock as well as custom milled profiles. 



Blackwood has long been a popular timber, widely used in both tradional and contemporary furniture making. Colouring ranges from pale straw to rich reddish browns with its modulating tones and grain texture a desired feature. Over the last few decades Blackwood has found itself a niche in the contemporary display of artworks and is the primary timber used for stock gallery frames in many of Australia's leading museums and institutions. 

Blackwood is available in a range of stock as well as custom milled profiles. 



Very popular in local furniture making as a rustic species, Jarrah is a strong, resiliant species originating from Western Australia. Desired for its deep red hues and pronounced wave like textured grain, Jarrah is the perfect compliment to many artworks requiring a natural rustic appearance. When finished with a rubbed on oil, Jarrahs natural depth of colour is lifted. 

Jarrah is available custom milled to order.



North American Hardwoods


American Hard Maple

Also known as Hard Maple or Rock Maple, its pale, almost whitish netural tones and subtle fine grain make desriable for the display of art. Its suitibility for Framemaking lies in its refined finish and strength while remaining unobtrusive to the artwork it houses. Popular as a stock gallery frame in many of North America's museums. Clear netural coloured finishes are preferred as well as being suited to limed white finish. 

American Hard Maple is available in a range of stock as well as custom milled profiles.


American Black Walnut

A smooth grained timber, with a variety of colouring ranging from deep mocca to pale browns and creams, this species is popular with furniture makers as a feature rich timber. In frame making it is popular as a naturally dark toned species with a refined look. 

American Black Walnut is available as a custom ordered and milled species.


American Oak

Also known as White Oak, similar in appearance to its European namesake, American Oak has a coarse textured grain with mid to light brown and straw colouring. A feature of American Oak is light coloured "rays" interspersed accross the grain. When a thin sublte finish is applied the timber retains its natural textural finish. 

American Oak is available in a range of stock as well as custom milled profiles.