fine art printing

Our digital fine art printing studio is located alongside our spacious fine art mounting facility on the 1st floor of our Abbotsford premises. We provide fine art print services for all image makers - photographers, artist working in photo media, illustrators, printmakers, design studios, students and enthusiasts. We also routinely work with organisations on reproduction of archive material.

In our well equipped studio, the latest generation pigmented ink printer - Epson’s Surecolor 20700 64” is run alongside our 44” Epson 9900. Clients can supply us with digital capture, analog film for digitisation on our Imacon Flextight or print based work for reproduction grade scanning.

Staff working in the print studio have a strong background in fine art imaging, having studied BA in Media Arts from RMIT. Visual artists themselves, they can balance aesthetic judgements with the technical considerations digital printmaking presents. 

The proximity to our fine art mounting ensures prints to be framed move flat through the workflow without risk of handling damage. 

ARTEN offer a flexible range of service levels, we work with those with print ready files or offer studio time consultation appointments offering image-makers cooperative involvement with us in the printmaking process.

Once images are fully resolved and proofed we offer a comprehensive editioning service, the backbone of which is our inhouse developed edition database. Those interested in participating in this program should contact us.


the papers

We stock a range of digital print making papers in our fine art printing studio. Each paper stock has a unique set of characteristics suitable for a variety of image types.


scanning & imaging

High end scanning services for those working in analogue film or when producing work from image archives. We also offer reproduction grade scans from two dimensional prints. 


colour management

Colour management forms an integral part of our studio's workflow - from image capture, editing and display, printer and paper profiling to final print evaluation.