scanning services


film scanning - imacon flextight 949

For those working with film, or digitising their archives we offer a high end film scanning service using our Imacon Flextight 949. The Flextight 949 is internally identical and offers the same scan quality as the current rebadged Hassleblad X5. The virtual drum scanner architecture provides for perfectly even focus over the whole frame and coupled with it's quality optics and light source faithfully translates all the nuances and qualities of analog film into a digitised form. 

The Flextight can scan negative and transparencies 35mm ( strip and mounted slides ), Medium Format ( 6x6, 6x4.5, 6x7 ) and Large format 4x5".


flat bed scanning

We can digitise two dimensional works and photographic prints using our A3 Epson 10000XL Graphic Arts scanner. Used in conjunction with our custom setup, we can accurately and safely digitise oversized originals with multiple scans.