To ensure your frame choice reflects the design intent and enhances the work it houses, we offer a range of finishing options. Where possible we specify low VOC, Waterbourne or traditional Shellac finish to ensure the safety of us, your art and the environment. Natural and stained finishes are applied by hand whilst opaque and smooth lacquer finishes are spray finished in our modern spray booth.


Natural clears

Our natural finishes are carefully hand applied and buffed. This ensures an even soft satin sheen. All of our timber species present beautifully when finished naturally to accentuate their natural grain and feature. All our natural clear finishes are specified eco friendly low VOC. 



We have a selection of stains designed to add tone whilst still revealing the timber's natural features. Vic Ash is generally the choice for stained frames, however a subtle stain can add depth to species such as American Walnut. All stains are sealed with a smooth eco friendly low VOC. satin clear coat. 


gallery smooth

Perfectly smooth satin lacquer finish especially suited to contemporary works where the frame needs to provide a structure without feature. Timber is fine sanded, carefully filled and multiple spray coats applied to achieve a smooth finish. Varied shades of white and black are available along with custom colours.

Gallery smooth finishes form part of our low VOC waterborne finish range.


Opaque Grain

Solid tones obscuring the colour of the timber to enhance the textural feature of the grain. Suited to Vic Ash frames, or for an enhanced effect used with American Oak.

Opaque finishes form part of our low VOC waterborne finish range.


Custom colours

Custom colours and shades can be mixed to suit a particular artwork or framing project. These custom finishes can range from subtle to vivid. Colours can be specified to any Pantone or Dulux colour, alternatively a sample can be matched.

Custom colours form part of our low VOC waterborne finish range.