colour management

A well implemented colour management system, consisting of an investment in profiling services, display equipment and education is the backbone of a smooth running print studio.  

A colour managed workflow takes all aspects of the printmaking studio into consideration - Beginning with image capture and scanning, followed by editing software and displays, printers, inksets and papers right through to viewing condition for print evaluation. 

Once these elements are working together harmoniously the creative aspects of printmaking become the focus.


Printer & paper profiling

Customised paper profiles are an important aspect of ensuring accurate and repeatable prints that take full advantage of the characteristics of each paper combined with the colour and tonality offered by the inks. Paper profiles are therefore useful in the image editing process, helping to determine the boundaries the image maker must work within for a chosen paper stock. Printer profiles must be created specifically for each individual printers and paper combination - creation and tuning is a specialised mix of art and science, all of our profiles are provided by Les Walkling & Co.


colour critical display

Right from the capture stage it is important that critical image making decisions are performed on a monitor capable of accuratley displaying full the characteristics of an image file. This is true if the image is destined for print or archive. We use an EIZO Colouredge 27" display, designed for photography and design work, this monitor can be calibrated and tuned specifically for the task at hand.